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Special offers from LetPub to help you increase your impact

Special offers from LetPub to help you increase your impact

To help you make the most of your research, we’ve partnered with a group of leading author service providers to offer Hindawi authors a discount on a wide range of manuscript preparation and post-publication promotion services.

This month, the spotlight is on our partnership with LetPub, a US-based editorial services company. By teaming up with LetPub, Hindawi has arranged for our authors to receive a discount on editorial publication support and visual communication services, such as scientific illustration and video abstracts.

For a limited time between now and 23 April 2021, LetPub is offering a special 12% discount on all services (normally a 10% discount). This promotion is available for all Hindawi authors who place an order through the Hindawi/LetPub webpage.

Available services include:

Scientific illustration and video animation

To increase the impact of your research, post-publication services can help you communicate your findings to the wider scientific community. LetPub’s graphic design team creates accurate and eye-catching scientific illustrations that you can share alongside your publication. Or you could use video content to promote your work: LetPub’s subject-matter experts and animators will collaborate with you to provide a fully narrated, 2–3 minute animated video that will help you communicate with a broad audience.

Services include:

  • Video Abstract
  • Scientific Animation
  • Graphical Abstract
  • Custom Illustration

Editing and translation

LetPub's editorial and translation services eliminate language barriers and can help you meet the language and scientific standards expected by journals. LetPub’s editorial team is composed of senior editors and researchers (PhD, MD) across all academic disciplines, so you can trust your manuscript will be reviewed by an expert in your field of research.

Services include:

  • Language Editing
  • LaTex Editing
  • Grant Editing
  • Expert Scientific Editing
  • Annual Review Editing
  • Response Letter Editing
  • Translation (ISO 17100)

Publication support

LetPub offers a variety of options to support you on the road to publication, including:

  • Journal Recommendation
  • Plain Language Summary
  • Conference Poster
  • Plagiarism Check
  • Figure Formatting

All Hindawi authors are eligible to receive the 12% discount on LetPub’s visual communication and manuscript preparation services, on orders placed until 23 April 2021.


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