Review Article

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors, Musculoskeletal Health, Physical Fitness, and Occupational Performance in Firefighters: A Narrative Review

Table 2

Inclusion and exclusion criteria of the literature search.

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria

(i) Studies involving firefighters, either career, part-time, or volunteer.(i) Studies that did not include firefighters only (other emergency services and populations excluded).
(ii) Studies investigating the relationships between cardiovascular disease risk factors, musculoskeletal health/disorders/injuries, physical fitness metrics, and occupational performance.(ii) Review studies.
(iii) Studies published after the year of 2000.(iii) Intervention studies.
(iv) Quantitative or mixed methods studies.(iv) Qualitative studies that do not include quantitative statistical analysis.
ā€‰(v) Languages other than English.
ā€‰(vi) Articles where full-text was not available.