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Join our next Researcher live event at 9am BST, July 11th: antimicrobial resistance of thermophilic Campylobacter with Dr Noel Gahamanyi.

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Taking an open science approach to publishing

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We are taking bold steps to increase transparency in journal publishing by sharing more detailed metrics than ever before.

We spoke with Prof. Hao Li about his role as Lead Guest Editor of the...

In addition to the Writefull Revise language check support we already...

Open Science

We are excited to announce that we are reporting our publication metadata via OA Switchboard.

Catherine Farrell, Operations Manager at Hindawi takes us through the...

You’ve all heard our mission statement by now: science works best when...

Celebrating Peer Review Week 2021: what does identity and inclusion in peer review really mean?


Article of the Year 2021 - image of trophy

Article of the Year 2021

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It’s back. The award for researchers, chosen by researchers.

How do publishers know what authors need? Key issues that will be explored at the 44th SSP Annual Meeting in Chicago.

We are looking for an Insight Analyst to join our growing team in London.

Advanced Gut & Microbiome Research will publish with Hindawi under a new collaborative publishing agreement. 

Science Communication

Webinar: What makes an exceptional peer review?

Webinar: What makes an exceptional peer review?

Reviewers | Researchers | Peer Review

Advice from Dr Roberto Di Pietro and Danielle Munday on how to structure an exceptional peer review.

How to promote your research with minimal effort

Authors | Science | Early career researchers

Science communication is vital to expanding the reach of your work, but it...

Top Special Issues in BioSciences 2021

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A collection of some of the most impactful Special Issues in Biosciences...

Researcher Live Event: Potential application of a leafy cactus as a natural food preservative

Latest from our journals

Professor Wei Han discusses the importance of, and developments in, the ‘Pathogenesis and Clinical Treatment Strategies of Oral Cancer’. Submit your...

Mathematical Problems in Engineering is a broad-based journal publishing results of rigorous engineering research across all disciplines, carried out...

Increasing the generation of wind and solar power will change the weather conditions most likely to cause energy supply issues and potential power...

An app developed together with patients, Close2U, is being refined to help...

Surgical researchers investigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on...

Article of the Year Award: Outstanding research contributions of 2021, as selected by our Chief Editors. Read the winning articles.